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There is currently a minor issue related to C++ that some of you may have noticed. If you encounter error messages indicating that something is amiss, there is a simple solution. You just need to delete specific files in the "dat" folder. These files are:

  • GlobalClothing_District_FemaleFan01.prp
  • GlobalClothing_District_FemaleFan02.prp
  • GlobalClothing_District_FemaleGoL.prp
  • GlobalClothing_District_FemaleMysterium.prp
  • GlobalClothing_District_MaleFan01.prp
  • GlobalClothing_District_MaleFan02.prp
  • GlobalClothing_District_MaleGoL.prp
  • GlobalClothing_District_MaleMysterium.prp
  • Garrison_District_WallAdditions.prp
  • and all have 0kb

After removing these files, you should be able to start the game again without any issues.


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