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How to Play on the TOC Shard

1. What you need:

URU: Ages beyond Myst + Path of The Shell Addon


URU: Complete Chronicles

2. Installing URU and the TOC patch

a. Install URU as you normally would. Important: Do NOT install it to C:\Program Files , instead install it to "My Documents" or another internal/external HD, otherwise you might encounter problems with using drizzle.

b. Now let's make an account for the shard. This will be your login needed to play. On the main site, click on the menu entry named "Connect". Now enter the username, and the password you'd like to use for the shard. This will not be your avatar name, as you can make an avatar once you start the game.

c. Now download our patch v3, to be found under the "Downloads" menu entry. The installation is simple. Simply run it, and when you're asked for your URU installation folder, point it to the URU installation you just made. When it's done, it creates a desktop shortcut, double click on it, and youre on! You can also safely delete that shortcut if you don't want your desktop to be cluttered with stuff

Now double click on the shortcut (or the UruSetup.exe directly if you preferr that), enter your login details, create your avatar, and youre in!

If you need any more help or assistance, just post on the Forums


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