And another year is almost over. 2013 was a pretty nice year and now I won't hesitate to give you a quick overview on what we have planned for 2014, so far.

  • Microsoft will drop Windows XP support on April 8th, 2014. The mainstream support already ended in 2009 and even SP3 support will end soon. This means XP users won't get any security updates and fixes. We strongly recommend moving to a new operating system, if you are still using it. With the first update after April 8th (whenever that is), we will drop Windows XP support for TOC-Moul too. As far as I know, Gehn shard has already announced the same. We will then use the new Visual C++ 2013 Runtime, so our game client can benefit from the latest C++ features.
  • The next update for TOC should be available in mid to late January. In preparation for the Runtime update, this update will include, aside from many fixes and improvements, the new patcher that you already might have seen on Gehn Shard (Gehn.18 update).
  • Together with the update in January we finally want to release an up-to-date installer for TOC-Moul. This one will be similar to the latest Gehn Shard installer and should make installing and repairing quite easy. The TOC-Repair tool will be obsolete, then.

As you can see, we want to integrate the most recent features from the URU development community on TOC. Many thanks to the Gehn Shard team, especially Hoikas, for the cooperation.

And now, the TOC-Team would like to wish you all a
Happy New Year!


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