TOCMoul 2.18

Exclusive German NULPs Hood-Shirt by Vaughan
/resetmarkers chat command
Fixes for bugs and crashes

TOCMoul 2.17

  • Picture contest winners in CoD
  • Unidentified Object sighted in CoD
  • Timestamps for chat can be enabled in the KI
  • Minor fixes

TOCMoul 2.16

-New Guild of Messengers Pub by Doobes
-Walkable exteriors in Pod Ages
-Repeat recent chat lines with up/down keys
-KI text shadows and proper chat fading
-Coop-Anim demo /attack is now /threaten
-/startdance is now /dance
-A lot of further bug fixes and improvements


You have chosen the winner. Congratulations to MysBibi for winning the picture contest. Here is the winning picture:

*Original Post*:

We have chosen the nominees and now you can vote for your favorite picture of our contest "The Best of TOC". For further information and the vote, please visit our forums.

Hello everyone,
we'd like to present you the new account management site. In an attempt to move the several different account-related sites into one central place, we came up with the idea for an area like this. Filtik has been working on it, in the last days.

The account management will give you access to setting and features for your account like the new online list settings and the signature tool. Besides, you can change your TOC-MOUL login to work with a username or add an e-mail to your TOC-TPotS account to enable password recovery.

You can access the site from our homepage or by visiting:



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