Time for a new event!
To shorten the time until the next tournament, we want to start a little contest to bring more fun to the Cavern.
We want to promote your creativity: Take pictures under the topic "The Best of TOC"!
All of the Offline-KI commands are allowed.
The event runs from 2014-05-05 00:00 to 2014-05-18 23:00 (CEST/UTC+2).
For more information regarding the event, please see

New option for TOC-MOUL

Now, you can change your login from an e-mail address to a username.
This can only be done once, so make sure everything is correct before submitting the change.

A small update to the TOC signature page.

Now, it is also possible to create the tPotS signature.
Besides, there now is a color picker.

Have Fun creating your signature.

Secure your TOC-tPotS account with your e-mail address.
With this option you can reset your password, in case you forget it.

Just go to "Secure Account" in the "tPotS" menu on our homepage.

Feature update:

The TOCPublic Message now with Image


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