TOC 2.14

  • Localized sound files should now load correctly
  • Minor bug fixes by various authors
  • Relto update for december

And there we go!
Winter is coming (noticed the hint?) and we are happy to announce the counterpart to the Summer Relto DLC - the Winter Relto texture mod by Itep Edor.
A few years ago, Itep created this texture mod for TPotS and now, Filtik manually merged it for TOC-MOUL. To install the DLC, download the following zip archive and extract it to

Winter Relto: Download

Enjoy! :D

Hello everyone.
Today, we present you the TOC signature site 2.0 for TOC.

Here, you can individually create and change your signature.
The URL to the picture has also been shortened siginificantly, should work in all forums and you do not have to change lots of parameters.

Have fun creating your signature.



Currently only for TOC MOUL

tPots Server:

All Ages and ReltoPages of Drizzle are now supported

Finally, here is another update.
TOC 2.13

- Age display name fixes
- FOV fixes
- Loading screen fixes
- Performance fixes as well as SSE4.1 support
- SDL and Ahnonay specific fixes
- Lots of other technical and code specific stuff

Thanks to Hoikas for most of the listed stuff, but there also have been many "behind-the-scenes"-contributions by various authors from the community.
Enjoy exploring the new update! :D


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